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Greg’s life is an inspiration. From his many adventures to being Division 5’s Local Councillor, his dedication to the Bargara Community is truly remarkable. With his extensive experience, Greg’s leadership and insights are invaluable. His unwavering commitment to his constituents shines through his passion and drive to make a difference. He is a true asset to the council, and his unparalleled devotion to his community sets a standard for us all to strive towards. Greg’s determination to stand up for what’s right is truly admirable, and we can all learn from his example. We are incredibly fortunate to have such a formidable ally on our side, paving the way for a brighter future for us all.

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  • Rhys CropperRhys Cropper

    I have known Greg for 25 years, he’s a local family man who’s lived in what is now his Council Division for 37 years and consistently advocates for the community.

    His dedication to his constituents is unwavering, his work in promoting the ANZAC day commemoration in Bargara over the last 24 years is testament to this. Greg has been central in lobbying for Council development works in Bargara and other foreshore community developments.

    I recall that not long after I met GregI happened to mention to him the plight of a local mother whose child had a terminal illness. Upon hearing of this Greg and his wife Isobel rallied around local businesses and community members and, in a day, raised $1750 which was passed on to ensure that proper funeral costs could be covered. There are other similar instances like this as that is what they do.

    I admire Greg as he is totally independent, he has no political affiliations or alliances. He has no purpose other than to stand up for the community and he always stands for what he believes is right.

    I commend Greg as an independent unbiased no-nonsense candidate who unselfishly represents the constituents of his division.

    Rhys Cropper

  • Captain Ross Parker (Warplanes Pty Ltd – QLD)

    I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Greg Barnes for two decades.

    He is a model of the hard-working Aussie. His tireless dedication to the welfare of his constuents over many years has continued unabated with the energy and focus of a first term councillor.

    He has achieved a great deal to improve the lives of the many individuals and groups that he has fought for and has been so effective because of his insight and dedication from both a business and personal perspective. The list of his achievements and community involvement is impressive indeed.

    Greg is a compassionate and dedicated family man of the utmost integrity. He is a sound judge of  character with a vast and varied friendship base who all know they can rely on him at any time. He has a broad insight and perspecive on the many issues that face his community and with his well-developed communicaion skills he has been able to make progress where others would struggle.

    As a former RAAF officer and professional pilot, I am pleased to count Greg as a true friend and offer my congratulations to him on the great successes he has achieved so far in the hope that he continues in his many roles in support of his community.

  • Sandra Wright 5 January 2019 Sandra Wright

    Dear greg,

    Just a note to express my appreciation for the work you do on behalf of Bargara residence. You always strive to get positive outcomes and always attend promptly to any queries or problems that people present to you

    I admire your passion for your division and the fact that you stand up for what you think is right. Your availability for community members certainly goes beyond the call of duty

    Every best wish for good health, and many happy personal moments during 2019.

    Yours sincerely

    Sandra Wright

  • John and Rachael Wilson

    Both my husband and I have lived in division 5 for nearly 2 decades and love being Bargara locals
    We feel extremely fortunate to have had Greg Barnes as our councillor throughout.
    He has always been there for all his constituents, setting up in Bargara Central shopping area
    virtually every Saturday morning, through rain, chilly winter mornings and also in our extreme heat
    and humidity. To have your local councillor (and JP) there and available to chat about any concerns
    or issues, week in week out, is just wonderful, and shows a deep commitment …..this is quite
    unusual in this day and age.
    I also would like to say how Greg Barnes has been there for us as a family when we went to him for
    help through a personal crisis. He showed compassion, gave us sound advice, (as we didn’t know
    what to do) and his care was above and beyond the council role he holds.
    John and Rachael Wilson

  • Shane Emms

    When we moved to Bargara in 2016, Greg was one of the first people to say hello when we attended an Australia Day Breakfast a few days later & it remained that way for 8 years. He was always open & honest about anything to do with the region & always supported individuals who want to make a difference with his community first approach. Critically in Qld with the lack of a senate - political parties try & infiltrate local councils to influence the local activity - Greg has always had none of that by remaining highly independent & transparent in his modus operandi. He is dedicated to Bargara but not at the expense of a god regional decision, has community values at his heart & is not beholden to any party politics or local politics that seem to serve self interest first. Bargara is better with Greg as its local councillor & the region is better for his challenge to the status quo & empire building that appears to occur. Good luck in the next election Greg - you deserve to continue to represent the seaside paradise of Bargara. Shane Emms

  • Christine Rodwell – Voices For Change

    “On behalf of Voices for Change (A roar for animals), we would like to make public our gratitude toward Mr Greg Barnes. After meeting with Greg regarding some questions I had, not only did I leave with answers to my questions, but a greater understanding of our Shire and solutions to the addressed problems. Greg took time out to get a better understanding of the current small pet (DOG and CAT), over population issues (driven by pet owners not adhering to the current legislation, along with other issues), that are forcing our innocent pets to be put to sleep. With what was a negative topic, he created a positive solution, and he has been actively addressing each problem head on. Greg, we are truly blessed to have you as our representative here in Bargara

  • Julie Campbell – North Bundaberg

    “I want to thank you Greg for helping us during our hour of need. We didn’t know where to go to until a friend told us that you were our best hope and they were right on the mark there. Even though we live outside your area you were prepared to fight for us and fixed the problem so quickly so a big thank you for that.”

  • Eddie Romano – Resident, Palm Lake Resort, Bargara

    “I will shortly be leaving the Bargara/Bundaberg region, but in the 10 years I have been a resident, I have to say that I have been impressed by your performance as a Divisional Ward Councillor.

    Your knowledge of your Ward and its local peculiarities, and your engagement with residents, and willingness to pitch in and help the locals, has been exemplary.

    So I want to say a big “Thank you” Greg.

    I also hope the BRC continues with its current format of Ward Representation, as this gives residents and ratepayers a more personal service and representation in Council. Nobody wants to see BRC become a big impersonal Bundaberg-centric conglomerate ruled predominately by Bundaberg interests.

    My wife and I wish you well in the future. We have enjoyed our time in the Bargara and Bundaberg region, and feel satisfied overall with the way BRC has undertaken its obligations to ratepayers.”

  • James Corvan – General Manager, Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism

    “The board of Bundaberg North Burnett Tourism, under the Chairmanship of Greg Barnes, has provided a stable progressive base for the staff to rebuild the organisation into one of Queensland’s most respected tourism organisations.”

    James Corvan

  • Ivan Rasmussen – Deputy Mayor, Burnett Shire Council

    “Greg is a conscientious and dedicated community representative.

    He undertakes high levels of research and maintains an independent and balanced approach to all his decision making.

    Greg has an excellent ability to think strategically and also to be highly proactive in achieving positive outcomes for the community and the region.

    He is not afraid to stand up for his convictions and ask the hard questions.”

    Ivan Rasmussen

  • Peter Selinger – Manager, Bundaberg Rum Bond Store

    “Greg is an innovative and energetic leader.

    He demonstrates very high levels of integrity and commitment in his dealings with people.

    I worked with Greg on the Board of Bundaberg Region Tourism and found him to be an able and active chair who provided inspiration and great direction.

    It was a joy to work with Greg on projects and I very much valued his counsel and good advice.”

    Peter Selinger

  • Dr. Warren Holloway, Bargara

    “I have known Greg Barnes for many years and have always been impressed by the number of projects that he gets involved with.

    Greg has always been able to find that fine balance between sustainable development and maintaining the natural environment that we all enjoy on the coast.

    I am not only pleased, but indeed honoured to support him in his bid for re-election as our Council representative.”

    Warren Holloway

  • Peter Huth – Councillor, North Burnett Regional Council

    “If you want a job done and you want it done properly, then give it to Greg Barnes. Greg is passionate about everything he gets involved in. He loves a challenge and certainly doesn’t back away when things get tough.

    I have known him as a hard worker for more a decade but over the past four years his leadership as the Chairman of the local Tourism Board has been outstanding.

    He showed true professionalism as he steered the organisation through a massive restructure and despite some difficult challenges.

    With the help of a new Board and General Manager he has achieved some amazing results.”

    Peter Huth

  • Gary Rinehart – Chief Executive Officer, Burnett Shire Council

    “I worked with Greg Barnes at Burnett Shire between 2000 and 2004. During this period I was the Council’s Chief Executive Officer and Greg was a newly elected Councillor.

    I found Greg to be hard working, astute and committed to the highest standards of accountability, honesty and integrity. Greg expected those around him, including his fellow Councillors, me and my staff to exhibit those same high standards.

    During 2000 and 2004 Burnett Shire experienced exceptional residential and commercial growth. Through this period Greg was Chairman of the Planning and Development Committee.

    Greg had an outstanding grasp of his responsibilities as a Chairperson and an excellent understanding of Planning and Environmental legislation.

    In my observation Greg placed the welfare of the community at the forefront of his thinking and was highly effective in balancing the needs and expectations of the community with those of the development industry.

    Through his dual role as Councillor and Chairperson of the Chamber of Commerce Greg took a lead role in developing tourism at both a local and regional level.

    Greg was one of the driving forces behind the Bargara foreshore redevelopment and worked tirelessly with the Regional Development Board to get Bundaberg and the Coral Coast recognised as a tourism destination.

    His commitment to the community is also evidenced by the enormous personal contribution he makes to the running of community events including the annual Bargara ANZAC Day commemoration.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Greg as a Councillor committed to his community and having the drive, enthusiasm and knowledge to make things happen.”

    Gary Rinehart

  • Ian Rowan – Former Chief Executive Officer, YMCA Bundaberg

    “I have known Greg and his family for 20 years. As a Councillor, he always exhibits the highest integrity and is always open and transparent in his communications with ratepayers. The Division he represents, originally with Burnett and now with Bundaberg Regional Council, can always rely totally on Greg putting forward the strongest case to support their needs and representation in the Region”

  • Mark Hall – Director & Pilot, Mustang Flights Australia

    “As a director and pilot  of Mustang Flights Australia I have know Cr Greg Barnes since 2010. I have always found him very professional, personable and genuine supporter of the Bundaberg community. The history of classic warbirds from Caboolture supporting the ANZAC day commemorations goes back more than a decade. In the 4 times I have piloted the Mustang for these events, I have been very impressed with Greg’s enthusiasm for and dedication to the local community.

     He has shown a level of  patriotism and support for the local population which is rare these days. This was very much in evidence when myself and my pilot colleague Brian Stephens were invited to the rededication of the new Bargara ANZAC memorial on 24th April 2015 at which Greg was the proud yet humble MC.

    The fact that Bargara had 13000 people at the dawn service the next morning proved that he and his associates are doing something right.

    This strong sense of community was again evident in the aftermath of the floods in 2013 with the Bundy Rising campaign. The Mustang group had always felt a strong bond with the region through Greg and his team and it only seemed natural that we donate 2 joyflights as raffle prizes to help rebuild the community.

    We as a group look forward to continuing our strong relationship with the people of the Bundaberg and their city council”.

  • Christine Rodwell – Former Bargara Resident

    “I’d like to share a positive story. I lived in Bargara for about 10 years. Love it and call it home… One thing I must say is I am grateful for the hardwork Greg Barnes does for the area and more so for the people. Im not into politics, but I can say I am blessed to know Greg and Isobel Barnes and they are the most decent human beings I know”.

Authorissed by Greg Barnes, 7 Woodglen Close Bargara Qld 4670 for Greg Barnes ( Candidate)

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