As predicted, it was a busy time at this morning’s Consultation/JP Desk.

One of the more regular attendees worked out that I have given up some 500 Saturday mornings since 2014 when I set up the first ‘Desk’. This occurred immediately after the then Council received a damning Customer Satisfaction Survey result that identified dissatisfaction with the lack of transparency and community consultation. The very next day I set up the first ‘Desk’ which used to be in the main concourse area of the Shopping Centre outside the former Cafe Caprice. (Was it really that long ago?!)

I’ve always ensured that the ‘Desk’ wasn’t a self-promotional platform but rather a means of reversing the sentiment portrayed through the 2014 CS Survey. It also provided an opportunity for community members to access a Justice of the Peace service on a weekend. Indeed, during the 2016 & 2020 election periods, I never displayed any promotional advertising at or around the ‘Desk’.

Thanks for the feedback from those who attended today.